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Buh-ack and Buh-etter Than Eh-ver! November 11, 2010

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Hey FOMs (Fans of Massie)! As the title suggests, I’m back again and ready to solve the problems of alphas, betas, followers, and LBRs alike, one piece of good advice at a time. Recently I’ve gotten many comments from Kfab97, previously known as Fashionluvr13. She’s gawtten a blah-g and a username now! Thanks for your comments and support, girl–keep them coming and advertise my site! I can see a future GLU Password-Page access email in your future if you can get more people to come to my site.

I’m contacting blah-ggers to see if they can advertise my fah-bulous blah-g URL in some of their posts. All viewers, any advertisements or recommendations of my site to other blah-ggers or people would be guh-reatly appreciated. Awlso, I will grant all subscribers my email address, something I do not give out often. And all top commenters will get advertisements, so get commenting and advertising!

Hearts and Luh-v, ♥ Massie Block ♥


Ehmagawd, People!! August 19, 2010

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Gawsh, I go away and nobody cawmments or eh-ne-thing. Whatevs, I got another Tiffany charm for my bracelet–it’s a gold Elsa Peretti heart. My parents brought me to Tiffany’s and said I could pick any charm I wanted.

Eh-neways, I got the…news. You know, how my parents sat me down and told me about how the market had dipped, how they were selling the Southamptons house, and how the tennis courts and most luxuries were going. I don’t know what will happen next…will the pool have to go? I know I won’t have my closet of couture anymore, and Inez, the staff, and Issac will have to probably go, too. But the worst part was–no, nawt getting no Christmas presents–that Brownie will probably be gone.

I can’t live without Bean and Brownie, you know that! And Issac and Inez have been a part of my life since I can remember! The Pretty Committee doesn’t know yet about my secret, but Todd almost blabbed it to them and Kuh-laire saved me. I swear, that girl really IS be-yoo-ti-ful. We’re BFFs again, so that’s one worry off my back. Landon and I still ♥ each other, so that’s great too. But when will the PC react? And when can I tell them?? Hawnestly, this my first real hardship in my entire life. Being with the Ahnnabees was a piece of sugar-free cake compared to this dilemma.

Well, I’ve always had fahhhbulous style, and a knack for making things look good, no matter how low-end and mundane they are (uh, Kuh-laire’s overalls and fruity T-shirt, anyone?). So I’ll be still in tip-top shape for giving ah-mazing ah-dvice and buh-lah-gging. When I tell the Pretty Committee, I’ll blah-g ah-bout it to you.

And who knows? Maybe some divine intervention will come and nothing will be wrong. Let’s just hope.

Hearts and Luh-v, ♥ Massie Block ♥

Can You Say, “~Updates~!”? August 5, 2010

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It’s ah-mazing here in Westchester. I’ve just been hanging with Kuh-risten, Dylan and Kuh-laire in Westchester. Alicia, as always, is in Spain with her Spanish cousins and (ugh!) Nina. Now she’ll come back and overuse all these Spanish words like “hola” and “loco”. Whatever, within a week she’ll be back and all-American ah-gain.

I added a new page for you girls. It’s the private GLUs-Only page on the far right. And, as its title says, it is password-protected. How can you gain access to this ex-cuh-lu-sive page? By becoming a GLU, uv’korse! Comment ah-lot (and I mean ah-LOT) awn my blah-g and you can become a GLU, or Girl Like Us. I will email you the password to the page when you become a GLU. Advertising my blah-g awn your blah-gs will also help you become a GLU faster.

Alicia will be coming back from Spain next week. When she comes back, Dylan, her sisters and her mom will be jetting off to Paris for shawpping, fabulous food, and siteseeing. Oh, and her mom’s doing a special show from there for the week. She’s interiewing be-yoo-ti-ful models and designers. Hopefully Dylan will have a ton of shopportunities there–and bring the PC back some stuff.

Speaking of be, I got my purple streak redone and thanks to it, I got a light gray dwarf pony named Bree. She’s ah-dorable, and the PC luh-vs her. I sent an MMS text picture to Alicia of her, and Alicia said Bree’s almost as beautiful as her! J’adore my new dwarf pony.

Ehmagawd, I’ve g2g2 Dylan’s. Her mom is getting rid of some old vintage clothing and she’s invited me and Kuh-risten and Kuh-laire to come and take whatever we want home! Can’t waste an opportunity like this.

Hearts and Luh-v, ♥ Massie Block ♥

Passion For Fashion August 2, 2010

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Ehmagawd! Summer is half over. And I’ve GAWT to start thinking ah-bout fall fashions. I’ve got my summer stuff all planned out. Now, it’s time to start thinking about what’s hawt for autumn. I’ve done a search and seen that white tights, leather, military, thigh-high boots, knee high socks, and innerwear as outerwear are all IN for fall! Camis and dark wash jeans are now ah-mazing for school.

I’m sorry I’ve been Missing In Armani lately, but ahb-viously I’ve been on vay-cay in the Hamptons! It was be-yoo-ti-ful there. Sunny and breezy, like my PC stresses just fell away. And my hair is all wavy and bouncy from the salty sea breezes there–unlike Westchester. I went back to Galwaugh Farms for their camp (uv’korse we won, but it wasn’t the same as last year) and I got back at Fall-a Abdul for killing my chances of winning last year. How? Well, that’s for me to know and you to think about…

I’m back now, and expect consistent blah-gging from now awn for the rest of the summer. What are you doing this summer? Cawmment saying your plans, and don’t forget to ask my advice on anything else!

Hearts and Luh-v, ♥ Massie Block ♥

Hey, it’s Massie Block! July 3, 2010

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Hey you GLUs, LBRs, and fellow alphas! Massie Block here with all your advice. Westchester’s It-Girl has the answers to all your problems, no matter what. I started this blog because I got tired of seeing online poser Massies saying “heyyy! This is Massie Block!” and then leaving forever. Well, this is the REAL Massie Block, chestnut hair, amber eyes, and ah-mazing style and all.

This is my all-advice blog. All the online Massies I see have fallen apart, going through several Online Pretty Committees and eventually caving and saying “i’m nawt Massie Block. i’m really _______________ and i’m quitting. bye.” Well, nawt this Massie! I’m here to stay…for longer than any other online Massies you’ve ever seen, anyway. I give THE best advice, and I’m always awn time.

Contests will be set up in the future, where all you ah-mazing viewers can participate for prizes. I’ve already gawt some ah-mazing ideas, but I’m gonna wait until more viewers come to start them up 🙂

Get cawmmenting! I know I can help you with my advice.

Hearts and Luh-v, ♥ Massie Block ♥